The North Tampa Style

At North Tampa Christian Academy, we believe in the power of academic excellence, Christian ideals, and innovative teaching and learning. We are dedicated to providing the best for our students and their families. Through our balanced approach of healthy lifestyle choices, a commitment to service, a culture of curiosity, emphasis on positive competition, and rock-solid academics, our students are equipped for success.

Community Service
Students find joy and purpose in serving others. Whether it’s creating a documentary to garner help for the homeless or using robotics to design a solution for thirsty lions in Africa, we empower our students to serve and solve problems. Students explore their interests and use that knowledge to change the world. By proactively seeking out ways to meet the needs of our local and global communities, our school can help implement real-world projects that have an immediate, long-lasting impact.

Health is a crucial part of who you are, which is why we teach students how to make healthy choices that establish a lifetime of good habits. To promote these habits, we have partnered with Florida Hospital to provide students with unique healthcare opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to help our students be at their best spiritually, emotionally, and physically, so they perform at their best each day.

Explore Ideas and Take Risks
Our students are taught to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, they learn how to ask for guidance and verbalize their goals, as well as how to plan their next steps. Our warm, grace-filled environment helps students reach those goals in a culture of growth and curiosity, where faculty and students alike push the envelope in developing new ideas and creating new products, solutions, and expressions. Each student is valued and respected as a unique individual. We celebrate academic achievements and give students the freedom to take risks and explore their passions.

Positive Competition
Instead of promoting unhealthy competition and comparison, we teach students natural, healthy competition by helping them set individual goals based on their own talents, challenges, and abilities. We believe that everyone has the capability to be self-motivated and self-driven. Our grades will be given based on what students know rather than how well they performed within a set system. Students strive to reach their personal best.

Academic Achievements
Our personalized learning plans ensure students develop a mastery of the core curriculum: reading, writing, and mathematics. After establishing this foundation, we encourage students to dive into what makes them passionate. We highly value a project-based approach to learning that empowers students to ask questions and probe answers that lead to unique discoveries and valuable insights in science, engineering, technology, social studies, spirituality, and the arts.

Achieving Balance
North Tampa believes that learning should not be done simply for the sake of intellectual growth, but done to better a person spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. We promote a balanced development of the whole person. When it comes to technology, real-world applications, learning communities, and a variety of electives, our students receive a variety of opportunities to better themselves and make a difference for God’s glory.

At North Tampa Christian Academy, a private school in Tampa, the faculty, staff, and families work as a team. Our service-oriented approach builds Christian leaders who think deeply, choose wisely, create beauty, and use their dreams to solve problems. Want to learn more about what makes us different? Contact us today.