The NTCA Dress Code policy is designed to provide room for the individuality of the student while promoting a sense of connectedness, coherence, and pride as a school campus. The school uniform helps our students maintain their identity as part of the North Tampa family and creates a non-distracting setting for their studies. Classroom attire requires that all tops have the NTCA logo on them. All NTCA logoed-apparel may be purchased by clicking below.

1. All students may wear pants or knee-length shorts in solid black, solid gray, or solid khaki. Leggings, pants and shorts with patterns, and athletic wear (except in PE class) are not permitted. Uniforms must be well-maintained without holes, frayed-hems, or excessive fading. Please note that due to the active nature of our project-based learning, we do not include dresses and skirts as part of our Dress Code.

2. Kindergarten-5th grade girls may also wear skorts in solid black, solid gray, or solid khaki.

Shoes are required at all times. Soft-sole, athletic shoes are required for P.E. For safety reasons, sandals, open-toed, or open-backed shoes are not appropriate.

P.E. Attire – North Tampa P.E. attire is optional for students in Grades Kindergarten-6th. However, students in Grades 7th-12th are required to wear the North Tampa P.E. shirt and bottoms.