Find Your True North

Are you looking for a Tampa private school where your child isn’t just another number in a standardized testing system; a school where children are allowed to take risks and exercise autonomy and purpose? Are you tired of the status quo?

If your answer is yes, then North Tampa Christian Academy might be the perfect place for you and your child.

We want our students to explore and embark on fascinating, passion-driven projects to solve problems. We encourage them to grow into curious, creative, critical thinkers who continually pursue beauty and excellence.

T.R.U.E.  N.O.R.T.H.

NTCA operates under a set of guiding principles we call True North. We believe that following these principles puts students on the path to personal, communal, and spiritual success.

They are Trust, Reflection, Understanding, Empathy, Nature, Order, Responsibility, Trailblazing, and Health.

Trust: We have confidence in God as our Creator and Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. We want our students to know they have a God who loves them and a community they can count on to encourage, love, and challenge them.

Reflection: Sometimes we rush through things without taking time to reflect. However, taking time for reflection is an important part of learning. “Two things put memories in your long-term memory,” said Dr. Sandra Doran, Head of School at NTCA. “One is that it has to have an emotional component, and the other is that you have to reflect on it. So there will be an emotional component [in our education]; some joy; this feeling that you have accomplished something. And there will be time to think and reflect on what you have done.”

Understanding: We treat all people with dignity and respect. Students are intentionally exposed firsthand to other cultures and perspectives.

Empathy: Whether it’s creating a documentary to garner help for the homeless or using robotics to design a solution for thirsty lions in Africa, everything our students do will make a difference. We work as a community to create solutions to human suffering.

Nature: Our bright and airy campus is safely enclosed with a perimeter fence surrounding our 43 acres, where our children can explore, plant, and discover. Our younger students enjoy our nature-inspired playgrounds. All students learn the importance of conservation, sustainable agriculture, and their role as the Earth’s caretaker.

Order: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to an individual’s goals and abilities. Our students learn that in order to be creative, they have to build a thoughtful plan. Every student will build that plan, establish individualized goals, and meet with a teacher weekly to evaluate their learning progress. Together, they will determine where the student needs assistance and structure their schedule accordingly.

Responsibility: We own what we do and set a high bar for excellence. Because our buildings are laid out as learning communities, the classroom is the community, which broadens the age and teaches them a language and interpersonal relationship skills. They have to own their own behavior.

Trailblazing: Doran believes everything we do should either “‘create beauty or solve a problem [because] if you’re doing neither, then what’s the point?’ ” Students will approach news anchors, conservationists, and CEOs to ask the question: “Are you aware of what’s happening in our community and in our world? What can we do?”

Health: The center of our whole universe at this school is the child; not the material, not the building, but the child. And health is a crucial part of who they are. From food to social interaction, from quiet reflection to physical activity, students will learn how to establish a lifetime of good health habits.

At North Tampa Christian Academy, a Tampa private school, the faculty, staff, and families work as a team. Our service-oriented approach builds Christian leaders who think deeply, choose wisely, create beauty, and use their dreams to solve problems. Want to learn more about what makes us different? Contact us today.