Why Should Your Child Attend Preschool?

For a young child, every experience presents a valuable learning opportunity, and that’s why investing in a high-quality early childhood education is so important. We create purposeful play environments that encourage exploration and growth. As an Explorer, your child sets the foundation for a successful future where they follow their passions and embrace their full potential.

Strong Foundation
Children are naturally curious and observant. At North Tampa, we not only value that curiosity but incorporate it into everyday curriculum, encouraging Explorers to embrace discovery, collaboration, and communication as they learn through play. Our students build a strong foundation for learning socially, emotionally, and academically.

Academic Foundation: Children who attend a high-quality preschool begin kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, more developed vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills. Our teachers work with Explorers to “co-construct” their learning as they bring their own unique life experiences to the classroom. We engage their natural curiosity and creativity and encourage students to use their imagination with confidence.

Social Foundation: Your child learns how to communicate with adults as well as with their classmates. As they build these communication skills, they discover how to express their ideas and voice their needs, and they practice listening to others as they do these things. Children learn how to share, take turns, make friends, cooperate, and be separated from their parents, which makes for an easier transition into kindergarten.

Emotional Foundation: In preschool, children learn how to express and manage their emotions. They develop greater impulse control, begin to show empathy, practice handling conflict well, learn how to process difficult emotions, and learn how to positively interact with their peers.

Enthusiastic Learners
This strong foundation inspires a lifelong love of learning. Children become confident and curious, which helps them perform better at school and commit to long-term educational goals.

Future Opportunities
Studies show that adults who attended preschool as children enjoy higher wages and are more likely to hold a steady job.

Increased Attention Spans
Preschool may be your child’s first experience in a structured setting outside of your home. Thanks to the consistent structure and regular routine, children learn to concentrate in the midst of new friendships, new discoveries, and new environments.

At the North Tampa Christian Explorers, a preschool in Wesley Chapel, we believe it’s never too early to start fostering your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder. From the design of our indoor and outdoor classrooms to the interactions and experiences that take place on our campus, everything we do is intentional. We partner with you to provide the very best early experiences for your little ones. Want to learn more about what makes us different? Contact us today.