Community Service For Your Preschooler

By getting involved in the community, your child learns respect, empathy, and that their impact isn’t dependent on their age or the size of their actions, but their heart. All it takes is one person to make a difference, and when your child learns that, they become equipped to grow into caring, compassionate leaders.

Is Your Child Artistic?

  • Put those doodles to good use! Your child can donate their drawings to a local nursing home and brighten the residents’ day.

  • You and your child can work together to create care packages for your local firemen and policemen. This is another great way for your child to share their artistic talent! Help them write “thank you” on a card, and then encourage them to decorate the rest of it.

  • You can also help your child color a thank you card for her teacher at preschool or church.

  • Maybe your child isn’t passionate just about creating with paint or Crayons, but with frosting and sprinkles! They’ll love the chance to decorate cookies or brownies to bring to your neighbors or local servicemen.

  • Talk to your child about how we see art and different colors in nature every day, and how we can get inspired by what we see in the world! Walk around a nursery together, and let your child pick out their favorite flower. Help them paint a flower pot and plant their favorite flower, then suggest that they give it as a gift to their teacher.

Is Your Child Passionate About Nature?

  • Bird feeders are a great way to observe and enjoy wildlife in your own backyard! Make a simple, DIY bird feeder, such as one made of clay or pinecones.

  • Spend a day together as a family strolling along the beach or through a local park to pick up trash. Walk in pairs to make sure that your child doesn’t pick up anything sharp or dangerous, and wear gardening gloves to ensure additional safety.

  • If you have an elderly or injured neighbor, they might not be able to pull the weeds out of their front yard. Your and your child can pull these weeds for them! And you can make it even more fun with a little bit of music and a fruity snack.

  • Plant a garden! By growing your own produce, you can offer fresh fruit to your neighbors, or you can donate vegetables to a local food pantry.

Is Your Child Outgoing?

  • If your child is comfortable, suggest visiting a nursing home together! The residents will love the chance to play card games or Bingo, share stories, and make a new friend. Maybe your child is musical or theatrical! The residents would love to listen to your child sing or play piano, or watch them put on a funny skit.

  • Set up a lemonade stand with their friends and donate the profits to the organization of their choice. Do some research together! Maybe they’re passionate about animals and want to donate all profits to the animal shelter, or maybe they want to donate to the missionaries at your church.

Is Your Child Shy?

  • If your child is a little shy, choose service activities that let them make a difference behind the scenes. A great option is putting together backpacks for homeless men and women in your community!

  • Go shopping together for food, toys, blankets, and towels to donate to your local animal shelter.

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