The Importance of Parent Involvement

It takes a village to raise a child, and at the North Tampa Explorers, we are intentional in being part of the village that provides the context for your child’s earliest memories. We value parents who are engaged in their child’s education and seek to create sincere partnerships with you based on mutual respect, familiarity, and open communication. Did you know that parent involvement during early childhood is an important factor in your child’s future success?

Set a Powerful Precedent
When families are actively involved in their child’s education from a young age, they are more likely to remain involved in the future! Getting involved teaches your child that you value their education and that they should too.

Mastery Orientation
When children set out to do a task, they do so with either a mastery orientation or a performance orientation. Whereas performance-oriented children are concerned with pleasing others and completing tasks to receive praise, mastery-oriented children focus on building their knowledge while acquiring new tasks over time. Parents who get involved in their child’s education help raise children with a mastery orientation.

Leads to Academic Success
Studies have found that mastery-oriented learners have higher grades and higher achievement test scores than performance-oriented learners, and these theories have tested true in the real world as well. When your child develops a mastery orientation, they grow into a lifelong learner who views failure as a learning opportunity and understands how to push past challenges. In addition, students with involved parents are more likely to enroll in higher-level programs, pass their classes, graduate high school and attend college, and receive career promotions.

The Value of Attendance
Students whose parents are involved in their school are more likely to take responsibility for their actions and attend school regularly, and research has shown that regular attendance is one of the greatest factors contributing to future academic achievement. During their time as an Explorer, your child will develop the fundamental skills and habits for lifelong success, and good attendance habits are integral to that success. They encourage skills such as reliability, punctuality, and self-discipline.

Social Interactions
Positive family engagement brings about better social, behavioral, and academic outcomes. When it comes to social interactions, your involvement means that you get to know who your child’s friends are, and you also build a social network as you get to know their friends’ parents. Children with involved parents exhibit advanced social skills, particularly when it comes to interactions with their peers.

Continue Education at Home
Parents who are involved with their child’s early education have a better understanding of what their child is learning and where they’re at developmentally, and they are able to better support their child at home. According to the Harvard Family Research Project, these at-home activities are crucial. For example, one study highlighted the connection between parental involvement and literacy, demonstrating that young children whose parents read to them at home have advanced literacy skills. Don’t miss out on opportunities to help your child develop academically, emotionally, and socially!

At the North Tampa Christian Explorers, a preschool in Wesley Chapel, families are welcomed and encouraged to be actively engaged in their child’s educational experiences. From the design of our indoor and outdoor classrooms to the interactions and experiences that take place on our campus, everything we do is intentional. We partner with you to provide the very best early experiences for your little ones. Want to learn more about what makes us different? Contact us today.