Philosophy & History 


Our philosophy might well be summed up by the injunction:

.. this ought you to have done without leaving the other undone.
— Luke 11:42

At North Tampa, rock-solid academics and creative freedom are both highly-valued non-negotiables.


In 2012, the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventist in concert with AdventHealth West Florida Region began to work with Tampa Bay area churches and schools to establish a new campus in the Greater Tampa area that would more effectively prepare students for success in career, college, life and eternity. This new Wesley Chapel private school was designed to be a shining light to the community and a center of influence for schools across the country and around the world.

On August 17, 2015, the Florida Conference purchased a 43+ acre parcel in North Tampa area on County Line Road just south of the new AdventHealth Wesley Chapel campus. To see latest content, click here.


The wisdom and experience of the Education Department of the Florida Conference partnered with world-class experts of select companies:

  • Fielding Nair International designed the campus, using their global experience to create inspiring buildings and learning spaces that enable advanced instructional strategies.

  • School Growth led the design of the organizational model, including governance, operations, administration, learning, technology, communications, human resources, etc.

  • Wannemacher Jensen Architects led the construction implementation.


North Tampa is committed to uphold the highest standards in three arenas: Christian ideals, academic excellence, and innovative teaching and learning.



Our strong Christian faith provides a moral base from which we pursue lives of passion and purpose. At North Tampa, we hold a high standard for each member of our campus to pursue their work with integrity, grace and a heart for service. Our biblical world-view is our North Star, providing the foundation for all school rules and policies in a moral and reasonable grace-oriented, spiritual philosophy. Education should also include the pursuit of truth and wisdom, which are integral to our school design.


At North Tampa, we highly value the project-based approach to learning, empowering students to ask questions and probe answers leading to unique discoveries and valuable insights in science, engineering, technology, social studies, spirituality and the arts. At the same time, we know that the basics of reading, writing and mathematics cannot be overlooked.


We believe that for students to pursue their dreams they must have the ability to write clearly and convincingly, read deeply and critically, and solve mathematical problems with clarity and precision. With this in mind, North Tampa’s program has been designed to allow time for students to pursue personalized learning plans which lead to mastery of the essential core curriculum. With this solid foundation, every member of our campus is then free to pursue their passions and interests in our interdisciplinary curriculum to make a real difference in their world.



Design Factors

North Tampa Learning Environments have been strategically designed with a strong focus on three key areas.


Integration with the natural environment.  Creating a learning environment that fosters appreciation of beauty and the natural environment.  This creates a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces – including learning terraces, gardens, shaded reading areas, nature trails, and play fields.


Design features that foster collaboration – for both the teaching and learning environments.  The goal of creating these environments is for collaborative, project based learning, with focus on real-world experiences and service to others.


Education that honors your child.  More than a century ago, the “whole person” approach to education was introduced, yet most schools do not follow this concept.  The NTCA campus is designed to go beyond learning simply for the sake of intellectual growth – by promoting a balanced development of the whole person – spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.



North Tampa Commitment

North Tampa Christian Academy is committed to uphold the highest standards in three arenas: Christian ideals, academic excellence, and innovative teaching and learning by providing a solid academic foundation using a project-based learning approach.  We are dedicated to helping students achieve mastery in the essential skills of reading, writing and mathematics.  Along with this solid base, we allow students the freedom to experience an interdisciplinary curriculum of science, technology, engineering, spirituality, social studies and the arts where they pose and answer questions, create beauty and solve problems, positively impacting our global community.



We will provide a warm, grace-filled Christian environment where faculty, staff and families work together as part of a team for the good of our children.



We will appreciate each student’s uniqueness and work hard to create individualized programs that uniquely challenge all to achieve their personal best.



We will foster a safe community that values inquiry and supports a culture of curiosity and growth with freedom to take risks and explore new ideas.


We will proactively seek out ways to meet the needs of our global community through real-world projects that have an immediate and long-lasting impact.