Frequently Asked Questions

What makes North Tampa Christian Academy different from other private schools in the Tampa area?

We are a Christian school with a grace-oriented philosophy interwoven throughout our curriculum. Our curriculum is based on project-based learning, competency-based grading, and real-world teaching.   We will help your child set personalized goals, and utilize the most effect methods available to help them meet those goals.  We also provide a strong emphasis on mastery of reading, math, and writing, recognizing the importance of these skills for academic success.

We offer a full academic experience for your children, starting with 2-year-olds through high school (grade 12).

We will consistently provide professional development for our teachers, bringing the most recent, effective teaching practices to our campus.

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, all of our teachers are certified in the areas they teach, and the majority of them hold master’s degrees.

What curriculum does North Tampa use?

We will encourage our teachers to use multiple sources for lesson planning that meet the needs of diverse learners.  Our curriculum is based on the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Educational Standards, the Common Core Curriculum, the Next Generation Science Standards, and National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

Our curriculum is based on content outlined nationally for each discipline. We use the latest research-based methods of teaching to equip students with the life skills that are critical for success.  We set the bar high and motivate students to reach beyond what they believe they can achieve.

Will this model of curriculum design prepare my child for college or to transfer to another school?

The answer is YES. Students who are taught critical thinking through a project-based learning model have been shown to score higher on standardized tests than those who attend more traditional classrooms. While we use competency-based grading to ensure that each student is achieving mastery skills on a consistent basis, we understand that those schools based on a more traditional model may require letter grades on a report card.  So, we use a research-based model (Robert Marzano) for transferring our competency scores to traditional letter grades at the end of each semester.

Will my child’s academic credits be transferable to and from North Tampa?

Definitely, our Wesley Chapel private school will be fully accredited in the state of Florida – credits will transfer for classes that were completed with a passing grade from a regionally accredited school.

What is the homework policy?

In general, homework will be personalized so that students are equipped to master the next steps in their goal-setting profiles. It is our intent that each student advance in a consistent, reasonable manner.

Does North Tampa provide services for students with special needs?

We track students through consistent assessment to ensure they are advancing from their beginning baseline. Our flexible scheduling and team-teaching approach allows us to spend individual time with students who might need additional help with math, reading and writing skills. Those students who might be behind grade level may be required to spend extra time achieving the necessary skills for success at the next level moving forward. We have incorporated advanced strategies for personalized learning in our curriculum that are proven to produce measurable results.

Does your curriculum include classes in religion?

Exploration of faith is a key part of the North Tampa philosophy. We will use the Encounter Bible curriculum, which actively engages students in a grace-filled quest for personal purpose and spiritual meaning in their lives.

We expect our students to demonstrate qualities such as patience, kindness, peacefulness, and self-control. We will do our best to help our students grow and learn as they mature in character. And we will work to create an atmosphere where ALL people are accepted and show respect for one another regardless of their belief system.

What sports do you offer?

Our Health – Wellness – Athletic Director will design our athletic program to best meet the needs of the students by promoting a positive sense of health, exercise, and well-being. We will have additional details about specific sports as the athletic program is developed.

What are the tuition costs?

We are fortunate to benefit from a close association with Florida Hospital and the Seventh-day Adventist Church which will enable us to offer a significantly higher value to families than the tuition at comparable private schools in the area. Each of these partners are making multi-million-dollar grants to assure excellence in education. Their grants will result in extraordinary features and quality being passed on to the parents and their children who will be students at North Tampa. This generosity allows North Tampa to operate without relying totally on tuition to bear the full cost of the budget. When it comes to pricing, North Tampa tuition will be offered at approximately 15-20% below the average cost of other top tier private schools in the greater Tampa region. Tuition rates will vary by grade level.

Will financial aid be available for students?

We encourage you to apply for the Step-Up or McKay Scholarships if you are eligible. These monies are granted on a first-come basis and are awarded to the student, not to a specific school. We encourage you to work with the North Tampa leadership team for scholarship assistance.